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Custom metal tap handles are very durable and beautiful but also add weight to the tap handle and therefor we need to take that into consideration when designing. Many of these tap handles can use a combination of different materials such as wood, plastic or acrylic and we can also incorporate resin into a metal tap handle. We can also laser etch or laser cut designs into the metal. If you have many different beers and do not need a special tap handle for each beer we can include a recessed area for changeable graphics either made from decals or magnets.  The process is simple for a custom metal beer tap handle – once you contact a sales representative at Alison we will get your direction and any art or design elements that we need to incorporate into our design. We will then have one of our very talented and experienced tap handle designers work on a custom 3D rendering that looks real to life.  Once this metal tap handle rendering is approved we will proceed with a prototype for your review that will be made exactly as per our design. The minimum quantity for a custom metal tap handle is 100 taps – if you only need a few taps, we have stock tap handle options. Contact Alison for a design or quote for your custom metal tap handle!