What Size should your Tap Handle be?

May 22, 2015 Tap Design No Comments

A common inquiry, tap handle size is one of the most important and foundational elements of tap handle design. To ensure proper functioning and optimized aesthetic effect, The Alison Group begins designs by adhering to proper proportional guidelines.

The first parameter we consider is height. Tap handles should be no shorter than three to four inches, as the bartender needs sufficient handle size to operate the tap. The Moosehead tap handle is four inches high.



The average height of tap handles is about twelve inches. However, they can be made even longer, with The Smiling Goat Brewery tap handle stretching out to sixteen inches. With regards to height, the only major design constraint is that overly top heavy tap handles may not be constructed. A tap handle that is too top heavy will simply tip over.



As far as width, tap handles should not be made wider than three inches. At widths greater than three inches, neighboring tap handles begin to interfere with one another. A single tap handle wider than three inches may be turned to the side by the bartender to negate this interference, resulting in a loss of aesthetic effect and reduced point of sale impact. The Thump Keg tap handle is 3” wide.


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Written by Jeff Schweiger