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What about Wine Tap Handles?

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Over the past few years the market for wine tap handles has grown quite a bit. Wine on tap, as it is called, is a distribution method different then the bottle. The wine is housed in stainless containers or kegs.

Fontant custom wine tap handle

Wine on tap utilizes cost savings at all levels, from the manufacturer, retailer and consumer. Traditionally, wine retailers have served wine by the glass by opening and resealing individual bottles. With wine on tap, bottle, cork, and carton costs are eliminated. Costs of waste from throwing away oxidized wine are also decreased and fresher unoxidized wine is delivered to the consumer. Transport costs are significantly reduced as well, as the same amount of wine weighs significantly more in bottles than in a keg. Further, the disposable one way kegs require even less transportation than the steel kegs because they are disposable and recyclable.

Custom wine tap handle

The aging process does not occur in the keg because the wine is blanketed with a gas such as nitrogen or argon to pressurize the keg. Wines not in need of significant aging times are best placed to be housed in kegs.


If you have an existing beer draft system this can be retrofitted for wine.


The designs for wine tap handles tend to be smaller and more elegant then the traditional beer tap handles. Materials tend to be the same from resin, metal and wood.

Custom wine tap handle


Check out some of our great wine tap handles. If you need a design or a quote, please contact us and we will reach out to you right away.

Written by Jeff Schweiger