The first steps to a new tap handle:

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If you are a new brewery and have never produced a custom tap handle, here are a few tips that will explain the process.

The first step is a simple conversation with the brewer to discuss the history of the brewery and their vision and passion.

The next step is to get the customer’s high res artwork along with their bottle or can designs and photos of the brewery. If the brewery has an icon like a bridge we would want to see images of that also. This will allow us to fully understand the elements of the brewery and materials and colors to use in the design.

Our designers go to work on a beautiful 3D design that looks very realistic. The design can take from a couple days to a week and will show materials, size, area for interchangeable graphics and any other important details.

Once the design is approved we will proceed with a prototype that will look just like the real thing – we make silicone molds, mill metal pieces, make labels, etc. – this process takes 4-5 weeks.

If the prototype is approved we will go into production and can ship in 60-90 days. If the quantity is 100 (minimum) we can ship via FedEx – otherwise we ship by boat and this can take 2-3 weeks.

Porco custom resin tap handle

Caravel Brewing custom beer tap handle

Written by Jeff Schweiger