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Do you Need Interchangeable Graphics?

July 1, 2015 Tap Design No Comments
Today, most breweries produce multiple varieties of beer. Each beer requires its own graphic, which can become expensive as varieties expand and large quantities of taps are required. A generic style tap featuring interchangeable graphics provides an easy yet cost effective solution to this problem.
The versatility of interchangeable graphics allots flexibility to the brewer while simultaneously reducing the cost of taps. This versatility and flexibility especially comes in handy in the case of seasonal beers that are only available for part of the year.

Interchangeable graphic taps are available in several styles. The Decal style is inexpensive and allows for beautiful 4-color process printing. The decals can be die cut to fit a detailed area of the tap handle. The decal material used must be waterproof and durable, such as vinyl or a laminated paper. The Copper Kettle Tap Handle shown below uses 6 different decals.

Copper Kettle interchangeable tap handle


The Metal Plates style of interchangeable graphics is another popular option. The striking beauty of the metal plates provides a sense of permanency to the tap handles. The plates can be screen-printed, die cut and embossed to show dimension. The plates can either snap into place using strong concealed magnets or can be installed using small screws. The Dundee Brewing Tap Handle uses metal plates that can be changed out with small screws.

Dundee interchangeable tap handle


TheĀ Beach Haus Brewery tap handle below uses magnetic plates. We use eleven different metal plates that snap into a recessed magnetic area. Now the premier choice for alternating beer graphics, the magnetic plates method minimizes any room for error and allows for a seamless visual experience.

Beach Haus magnetic tap handle

The cost effective and versatile nature of interchangeable graphics tap handles make them a great choice for many breweries. Contact us for questions, designs or quotes. Thank you.

Written by Jeff Schweiger